We’re your partner at sea

Committed to the quality of your catch, the efficacy of your equipment and the productivity of your services. Committed to you. Because each tide has made us stronger and we put that knowledge at your disposal through our fishing nets, so that you and your goals can come through safely.

Innovative, safe fishing, adapted to your fleet and to your business needs. We embark on all your projects and help you to fulfil them; because at Naberan we're your partner at sea.

We offer smart, personalised solutions that combine craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

At Naberan we understand that each project, like each customer, is unique. That's why we offer cutting-edge products capable of adapting to every situation and every need.

Flexible, personalised products that have made a mark on the sector, such as the “Naberan” net, an own-brand net classified by Ifremer and the EC.

Need a solution adapted to your project?

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